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Plant-Based Celebration Box by Madame Ginger



For 30 persons

  • Sandwich cake

With creamy chickpea salad, caper, sun dried tomatoes, pickled cucumber. 40 pieces

  • Pea- camole with homemade nachos

Crispy tortilla 0,5 kg. Accompanied by plant-based sour cream dip & pea-camole dip

  • Midi green pea burgers

With coleslaw salad, in vegan brioche. 30 pcs

Served in room temperature. Non reheatable

  • Ceasar’s pasta salad with coconut bacon

Fusilli pasta, coconut flakes, iceberg, plant based parmezan, Ceasar’s sauce with caper. 2,4kg

  • Bruschetta with carrot salmon

Strips of baked carrot and sun flower seed cream cheese on lentil  home made bread. 30 pcs

  • Baked black bean balls

Wih oatmeal and linseeds. Served with home made bbq sauce. 40 pcs

Reheat in a preheated oven at 160°C for 3′

  • Mushroom yakitori skewers

Grilled mushrooms, green peppers, togarashi spices and plant-based teriyaki sauce. 40 pcs

Reheat in a preheated oven at 150°C for 5′



  • Plant-based cheese cake

With plant-based cream cheese & forest freuits. 30 pcs

  • Sweet potato chocolate mousse

Withcocoa, maple syrup, olive oil and flower of salt. 30 pcs


The package includes disposable ecological utensils: 30 Biodegradable plates – 30 wooden forks – 30 kraft napkins – 30 spoons – bamboo toothpicks

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