This is the ultimate street food concept!

Forget banquet tables, linen tablecloths, silver-plated cutlery

Street food demands paper trays, wooden forks, wax paper. We put our “kitchenware” up front. Gas stoves, cast iron pans, stainless steel counters. We bake, fry and serve in front of your eyes. And the menu has nothing to envy from a gourmet menu. Black cuttlefish ink burger with crispy cod fillet and spicy agioli sausage, philly steak sandwich, bao bans with peking duck, pulled pork burgers, fresh fatouch salad, pizza fontina with black truffle. Freshly fried potatoes – a constant value – cannot be missing from the buffet – which is set up with building materials. And the night closes sweetly with authentic churros sprinkled with plenty of sugar and dipped in hot chocolate.

Food truck mobile experience

We offer unique gastronomic street food experiences by installing our  35m2 mobile kitchen almost anywhere!