This sweet, special day will definitely be unforgettable!

Baptism is a unique time to celebrate the gift of life, your child. We will be there to support this special day with plenty of love, appetite and endless inspiration to set the most delicious scene.

From the themed candy bar outside the church, the homemade lemonade as a welcome, the live cooking stations to the ice cream cart, we promise that the quality of the food and its presentation will impress you.

Are you spaghetti lovers? Then we suggest you put the new pasta that has driven us crazy “Paccheri with mozzarella and fresh basil” that children and adults both like. We will cook it outside, in front of the guests to fill the space with smells, to open everyone’s appetite. And our chef will serve straight it from the big pan to take care of your loved ones. Because life is moments!

And it’s time for dessert. Cake with golden caramel, sweet and crunchy. Donuts or churros, all freshly fried with plenty of sugar and clouds of cinnamon. The choux tower bathed in our favorite rubby chocolate, golden touches and small drops of meringues. May we also give you cotton candy that travels you to other times? All pink with shiny golden touches, romantic and light mood! Among them are the white crème patisserie, the hazelnut milk chocolate, fantastic eclairs and fragrant tarts. We find happiness by making fruit tarts, pastries, puff pastry and raising cakes for your loved ones. There is always a reason for dessert!

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