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Prix Galien Awards 2021


On August 31, 2021, for the fifth time in our country, the Prix Galien, known as the Nobel Prize of the pharmaceutical industry, was held. Aria had the honor of curating the evening’s menu. The dishes were presented on platters as small finger food bites placed on the tables. Cold and hot appetizers and desserts included: Smoked salmon cheesecake, eggplant bourekas, cheese boulettes, spicy shrimp tapas, prosciutto rolls, duck pancakes, satay skewers, lavender mousse with forest fruits, pavlova with fresh strawberries, and tarts with bitter chocolate were among the 20 different types of dishes served to the 350 guests that evening.

We warmly thank JP Communications and all contributors of the event for their support and flawless collaboration!

Prix Galien Awards 2021
Prix Galien Awards 2021

Photography: Photoshop Company
Cinematography: Dimitris Kehagias

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