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Food for thought…

On March 20th, the "Food for Thought" forum on sustainable development and the circular economy took place at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall. Aria Fine Catering crafted the menu for the event, focusing on the Mediterranean diet and sustainability.

Aria’s Executive Chef Dimitris Panagiotopoulos addressed the forum, discussing sustainable development, the future of food, and Aria’s practices to reduce food waste. He emphasized the significance of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, aiming for sustainability and quality in nutrition.

Food for thought...
Food for thought...
Food for thought...

The menu for the forum was designed within this context. Appetizers featured dishes such as grilled seasonal greens with bonito sashimi and traditional “chilopites” with vegetable ragout. Main courses showcased fish and seafood from local waters, alongside a creative vegan lentil and rice dish with caramelized onions and a compote of the year’s finest August tomatoes.

Dimitris Panagiotopoulos also highlighted Aria’s partnership with the non-profit organization “Boroume,” which ensures that leftover food reaches those in need. The Food for Thought event was particularly engaging, underscoring the importance of sustainable practices in nutrition and demonstrating to attendees that improving human quality of life can be achieved in harmony with, rather than at the expense of, Earth’s ecosystems.

Food for thought...
Food for thought...

Venue: Megaron Athens Concert Hall / Banquet Hall

Date: March 20, 2024

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