Aria DeLI Food List

Enjoy our favorite dishes exclusively in your home.

Consult us, choosing from a complete list and compose your own menu for your family table. The dishes are delivered in disposable utensils,
adapted for the kitchen of your home and with reheating instructions from our Executive chef, ensuring your choices


Suggested Family Style Menu

-For 10 persons-

Cold avocado soup with cucumber, coriander and lime

Tarte fine with caramelized onions and aged graviera cheese

Fresh home made ravioli, stuffed with spinach and anthotyro cheese

Salad with rocket, valerian, grapes, mango cubes, orange slices,
chevre cheese, and prosciutto from Evritania

Colorful cherry tomatoes, fresh  burrata mozzarella,
balsamic vinegar and fresh basil leaves

Grilled salmon fillet. Accompanied with cous – cous

Chicken à la churrasco
Free range chicken thighs marinated in Dijon mustard

Barbequed Beef Short Ribs Black Angus.
With red wine sauce. Accompanied by carrot and eggplant puree


Sweet Delicacies

Charlotte with fresh strawberries & crème patisserie

Chocolate profiteroles


Price: € 440
VAT included


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