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Η Βάπτιση της Αμέλιας - Πύργος Μελισσουργού

Amelia’s Baptism – Melissourgos Tower

In Pyrgos Melissourgou on May 15, 2022 at noon, Amelia was baptized. Outside the chapel of the tower we set up a refreshing stand with lemonade, ice tea and infused water. The set up of the buffet was done with wheeled stations, carving and paella.

Amelia was baptized at the Tower of Melissourgos on May 15, 2022 at noon. Outside the church of the tower we placed a refreshing stand with lemonade, iced tea and infused water. The buffet was set up with rolling stations, carving and paeliers. The menu was Mediterranean, based on Greek seasonal products (tomato, basil and fresh herbs). We served ratatouille, tomato & anthotyro tart, Cretan dacos, churrasco. In our large paella we cooked penne with mozzarella & basil & risotto with mastic. From the main courses we picked out the Picanha and accompanied it with baby potatoes and roasted vegetables. For the kids we prepared individual lunch boxes. The dessert buffet had many choices. A variety of mousse flavours, a giant brownie with forest fruits, doughnuts and of course the ice cream trolley was not to be missed, -a standard value- for young and old alike. Maria Sophia and Vasilis thank you very much for your trust! Mr. George Melissourge thank you very much for your hospitality.

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Amelia's Baptism - Melissourgos Tower
Amelia's Baptism - Melissourgos Tower

Photography: Picme.gr 

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